I am a former tutee of Mr. Rodriguez. He helped me an incredible amount last year when I was really struggling in my second year of Spanish. I am not sure what I would have done without him actually. He was always super nice, and really stayed positive with me, even when sometimes my grades still didn’t reflect all the work we had done together. He always made time for me, even if I felt I needed him more times the weeks I needed more review for quizzes and tests, and especially for final exams reviews. I really felt how much he wanted me to do well, which helped motivate me to want to do well for myself, my mom, him, and show my teacher that I could improve my grade, which I did do with Mr. Rodriguez’s help. I know that other high school kids will think he is a great guy and tutor like I did.

Brady, 10th Grader

As a mom of a 10th grader who was tutored by Mr. Rodriguez, I was more than pleased, and I would give him the highest recommendation! He helped my son tremendously, not only with the content material difficult Spanish curriculum, but he assisted him greatly in preparing for quizzes and tests and teaching my son valuable skills in study preparation. My son always commented after each session how nice, kind, and easy-to-work with Mr. Rodriguez was, and how he perceived that as a tutor he felt how much Mr. Rodriguez wanted him to do well. As a tutor, he communicated beautifully, better than some of my son’s teachers; after each session he would always take the time to email me what transpired during the session, and give helpful hints to me on how I could assist my child in the most positive way. I would say as a parent my experience with Noel Rodriguez was wonderful, and there are not enough thanks for his work, energy, and efforts with him. We are sad to see him leave Houston, but if you are able to have him work with your child(ren) you should feel so lucky!

Amy, mom of 10th grader