I worked with Noel for about 6 months learning Spanish. I had never taken any Spanish classes before meeting him, I am from Canada, and we learned French in school. Living in Houston, Texas now, I wanted to be able to be relatively fluent in Spanish, and within 6 months, I am now able to speak at a level higher than a lot of the people that grow up here. I traveled to Mexico City last month, and was able to hold conversations, ask directions, and basically get along with locals who speak no English, and I owe this ability to Noel. He is a patient teacher who can adapt to different students abilities to learn and progress at the rate of the individual.

Matt, 32

I had the pleasure of working with Noel for several months learning Spanish.  He exhibited a positive attitude and true concern of his approach towards teaching. His professionalism was to be admired. His knowledge and experience with teaching Spanish was above and beyond my expectations.  Noel was articulate and thorough with his teaching approach.  There were times he challenged me with certain assignments, but he genuinely cared about me learning the correct way to speak and understand a foreign language.  I will always be grateful for him helping me to begin a new foundation of learning Spanish.

Alice, 65