One of my favorite adages is, “Don’t work harder, work smarter.” My philosophy to learning, and my spin on the saying is, “Don’t study harder, study smarter.”

Which is why learning with me will focus around not just deepening your knowledge of a given subject, but rather help you learn better. This may include developing new study habits or note taking strategies. My goal is to make learning the subject you might be struggling with, into an enlightening and enriching experience.

Here are the subjects I can help you with:

Spanish  –  K-12, University/College

History   –  K-12, University/College

English   –  K-12, University/College

Philosophy – University/College

I can work with students attending public or private institutions as well as home-schooled students.

Do you want to learn Spanish? Did you take it in school but wish you had kept up with it? I can help adults and seniors learn Spanish. As a native speaker, you will be learning a modern, contemporary Spanish that you can use to converse with any Spanish speaker.

Learning Spanish with me, like my tutoring methods, involves studying smarter not harder.

Life can be hectic so don’t worry! You won’t need to memorize pages of vocabulary or do hours of homework. I can happily accommodate whatever time you can commit to your studies.

There is also no cost for materials! You and I will be developing the vocabulary that is most pertinent to your life. My goal is to try to immerse you into Spanish as best I can. That is why my method involves creating with you the means to communicate in Spanish.

So whether you are a business owner looking to better engage your Spanish speaking customers or simply want to become proficient in the language, contact me today!